Layering chemically-laden shampoos and styling products on already chemically treated hair is a recipe for hair health disaster. One such set of chemicals that get more than their fair share of attention are Parabens, an ingredient in over 75% of all cosmetic products

There is debate surrounding the use of Parabens in cosmetics, particularly concerning the suspicion of its link to cancer. To get science-y for a moment, Parabens have the ability to mimic Oestrogen, linked to breast cancer due to its ability to stimulate breast cell division and secondly its ability to interact with other hormones that are believed to promote cell division.

galmit paraben freeSo, what are Parabens? And why risk it... why are they used?

Simply put, Parabens are used to make products last longer; their chemical properties make them effective preservatives that keep ingredients fresher for longer. These preservatives kill molds and funguses before they have a chance to spread and damage products.

Fortunately, parabens are not the only solution for battling microbes in your favourite beauty products, thanks to natural preservatives that can be used to fulfil the same function, including vitamins and essential oils.

Those serious about their general health, and their hair and scalp health specifically will be thrilled to know that all of our hair care brands are Paraben-free.


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