How to tame frizzy hair

Caused due to a lack of moisture in your hair and humidity in the air, frizzy hair is one of the biggest hair woes many struggle with. While naturally curly hair hair tends to frizz easily, straight and wavy hair can too get frizzy and dull in an instant. Follow our tips below to help tame that frizz and show off your super smooth hair.


Make the most out of a masque
Using a hydrating hair masque is an important step to take when you want to tame your hair and smooth the cuticle. Because frizzy hair is caused due to a lack of moisture, using a masque suited to your hair type can help inject some much needed hydration into your strands. You definitely won’t go wrong with the CHI Royal Treatment Intense Moisture Masque as it is a luxuriously rich intensive treatment that not only replenishes moisture, but adds strength and shine to hair. You can also read our post here to find out which of our masque suits your hair type.


Don't skip the conditioner
Using a good conditioner is vital when trying to smooth and soften your hair. It helps to hydrate the hair cuticles so that your hair does not soak up moisture from the air in humid conditions. Omitting the shampoo and only using a conditioner twice a week will help to replenish moisture into your strands so that oils do not get stripped which can happen when one over shampoos. It also cleanses hair so you don't need to worry about having oil soaked roots. We love the CHI Keratin Conditioner as it not only smells amazing, but is a reconstructive conditioner that helps to restore moisture levels in the hair.


Add some coconut oil
We recently wrote all about coconut oil and that same idea applies here. Using coconut oil as a masque or to tame flyaways can do wonders for frizz. Simpy apply a good amount into your roots and along the lengths of your hair, cover your head with a towel and leave in for 1 - 24 hours.
This not only helps with hydration, but smooths hair, tames frizz and softens your strands, making it faster and easier to style. If you not too keen on using the oil straight up on your hair, then the BioSilk Organic Coconut Leave-in Treatment for Hair and Skin is a great place to start. This lightweight treatment helps to control frizz, flyaways, weak strands, split ends and adds incredible shine. We love that is it easy on the pocket and can be used to nourish the skin.


Keep a mascara wand on hand
Hair starting to frizz just as you’re on your way out? Spritz a long-lasting hairspray onto a clean mascara spoolie and comb through the hair. We love the CHI Miss Universe Rock Your Crown Firm Hairspray as it is a fast drying and weightless formula that won’t weigh down your hair. Keep the spoolie in your bag for any touch ups that you might need during the day. This is a very useful trick when trying to combat frizz close to the scalp and works wonderfully on those stubborn baby hairs.


Some more of our favorite tips and tricks to control frizz

  1. Use a cotton t-shirt to gently dry the hair as a towel can cause a lot more harm than good.
  2. Sleep on silk - invest in a silk pillowcase like the one from Balmain which will not only keep your blowout lasting longer, but prevent any snags and breakage that can happen during the night.
  3. Trim hair every 6 -8 weeks to prevent split ends.
  4. Don't brush hair when dry as it can become very frizzy and snap.
  5. Use a low heat setting when drying your hair so that you don't fry your strands and cause then to dehydrate.

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