Common hair-drying mistakes and what you can do instead

While it may seem like the most obvious thing when it comes to your hair, drying your hair is a very important step in your hair care regime. If you find that your hair seems to look or feel dry and brittle after washing, then some simple tweaks to your drying time might be all you need. Read more below on our top tips on how to avoid some common hair drying mistakes.


Throw in the towel


Using a towel to dry your hair or wrap it up after a shower is a mistake that everyone has made some time or the other. While it might seem like the obvious choice, ditch the towel and gently squeeze out the excess water before dabbing your hair with an old, soft t-shirt. Instead of viciously rummaging a towel through your hair, be as gentle as possible as to not create any breakage, frizz or split ends. This is even more important to remember during winter since the change from hot, steamy water to the cold can cause your hair to become more brittle than usual.


Get the right dryer


Investing in the right hair-dryer is key - especially if you can’t do without any form of heat styling. Using a hairdryer that is not powerful enough is the fastest way to cause frizziness and brittleness. Hair also feels static, lays flat and lacks any form of volume. If you have ethnic of textured hair, then we recommend getting a dryer that is specifically made with your hair type in mind. This is very important since ethnic and curly hair is a lot more fragile and prone to breakage than any other hair type.
Our top pick is the CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer as it not only ensures that drying time is faster, but has a comb attachment to help smooth textured hair. It also has a cool shot button which locks in style while smoothing out the frizz.
If your hair is finer or more wavy with curls, then the BioSilk Titanium Hair Dryer would be the dryer for you. Designed with an 1875 watt motor, it dries hair efficiently and easily. We love that it contains an ion generator that helps produce incredible shine while sealing the cuticles and locking out frizz.



Use a heat protecting product
Perhaps the fastest thing you can do to ensure that your hair dries well is to use a good quality heat protecting spray to help protect your strands, smooth frizz and leave your hair shiny and nourished. The Balmain Thermal Protection Spray is a popular choice since it is not only super luxurious but works on both coloured and natural hair colours to protect the hair against any heat styling tools.
Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Silk Protein, it conditions, repairs and strengthens the hair.



Stop brushing your hair when it’s wet

Brushing hair when it is still wet is a big no-no and causes a lot more damage than you think. You may have noticed that your hair looks longer when it is wet, that’s because water causes hair to expand which in turn, makes it a lot more fragile. Brushing your hair while it is wet or damp can not only weaken the strands but cause them to snap and tear. Allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible before drying it for a bit and brushing.



The CHI Luxury Nylon and Boar Bristle Paddle Brush is a great tool to have as it helps to evenly distribute natural oils throughout your hair. The nylon pins help to gently detangle while boar bristles smooth and add shine. This brush also helps to stimulate the scalp, reduce frizz and, more importantly, can be used on all hair types and textures.



Finish with an oil


After drying your hair, use a pump or two of a really good hair oil to help smooth and soften the hair. We love the CHI Luxury Black Seed Dry Oil as it instantly softens and nourishes the hair while leaving it looking beautifully shiny. This super-light formula is easily absorbed by the hair, removes impurities and contains antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental stressors.



Let your hair be free  

Want a quick tip to end it all off? Let your hair hang loose after drying. Tying up your hair immediately after putting down the hairdryer not only creates kinks but causes damage and breakage. Be sure to give your hair a few minutes to cool down completely before adding any hair accessories, beanies and scarves.  

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