Movember Foundation

Movember Foundation

In South Africam Movember is licensed by the Men's Foundation. Applying Global Best Practice in charity, setting the benchmark within South Africa, facing 3rd World Country challenges. The Men’s Foundation recognises the opportunity of working with global knowledge and insights, adapted to our unique landscape and challenges applied through local NGO’s, to provide fixed term sustainable programmes surrounding prostate and testicular cancer, mental health issues and the impact of physical inactivity and facing the South African male population.

Men’s Health in South Africa requires prioritization. By raising awareness and funds, and in turn, programme investment through official beneficiaries, NGO’s and collaborating with government, The Men’s Foundation aims to positively influence the average life expectancy of South African men. While there’s a lot of progress and achievement since the advent of democracy in providing basic Health services, the Health sector, clearly defined between the previously historically disadvantaged, government has made it clear that the focus on woman and children remains a key objective, leaving a lot to be desired for South African Men, who are left to rely on the private and NGO sector.

Through the knowledge acquired from establishing and managing the annual Movember campaign since inception in South Africa, The Men’s Foundation was established in 2015 by Movember Country Manager, Garron Gsell under the guidance the exclusive license to continue managing the annual Movember fundraising campaign in South Africa.  

South African men who are able to secure private health care at a premium vs the public health care system, that accommodates 80% of the population, which continues to place increased pressure and demands in Government Health spending, of which woman and children have been mandated to receive the majority focus and public sector investment. South Africa requires outcome based focussed health programmes to ensure maximum return on funders investment, using the global best practice and benchmark under the guidance of the Movember Foundation.

Influenced by best practice charity, applying ‘first world’ learnings, adapted to overcome third world challenges for the local landscape, there remains a need to expand on local programme investment achieved from funds generated through the annual Movember campaign in order to effectively address the health challenges facing South African men.

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