Hope Africa Collective

Hope Africa Collective

Glamit’s CSI initiative is the inspirational Hope Africa Collective, who are committed to creating sustainable employment to help break people free from the poverty cycle. 

As hair care is a rapidly growing business in the townships, Hope Africa Collective train women to own and manage their own salon. This provides skill development, employment, and income, all while bringing an in-demand service to the community. 

The areas of development include:

Trade Development 

Training in hair care, business, math & financial literacy, life direction, and faith discovery 

Business Incubator 

Honing skills within a work environment to develop proficiency and generate profits 

Launch & Operations 

Establishing micro- enterprise, launching salon, ongoing business mentorship 

Sponsorship Opportunities  (Donate Now)


  • Curling Tongs: R100 
  • Clippers: R200
  • Hair Dryer: R1,000
  • Salon Chair: R1,100 
  • Wash Stand: R3,200 


  • Countertop: R650
  • Large Mirror: R875 
  • Paint: R2,000 
  • Signage: R2,000
  • Electrical: R2,000 
  • Hot Water Heater: R3,200 
  • Plumbing: R3,700
  • Structural: R14,500 

Visit their website: https://hopeafrica.com/

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