What's your hair type? Straight or Wavy?

What's your hair type? Straight or Wavy?

With all of the latest innovations and many hair care products on the market, we decided to streamline things and help you figure out what products you need for your specific hair type. Using a product meant for a hair type or texture that is not at all similar to your own can cause damage, dryness or an increase in oiliness and grease. Read more below on how to find out what your hair type is and our top picks in each category. Check our post tomorrow for everything you need to know about curly and ethnic hair!

Straight hair and hair types

Straight hair girls often struggle with flat and lifeless hair that is prone to oiliness and grease. If you find that you may need to wash your hair every day just to add some volume and life to your look, then it probably means that you have straight hair.


Type 1A
The type 1A hair girl has baby fine, super soft hair. This hair type doesn’t hold a curl, air-dries in no time at all and, its common issues are oiliness and limpness. If this sounds like you, then it would be worth your while to keep a bottle of dry shampoo on hand at all times to rejuvenate and add some volume. We love the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Dry Shampoo as it absorbs excess oils and dries hair fast.



Type 1B
While many might think that straight hair should be just one category, this isn't the case. Type 1B girl have fuller strands with a very slight bend towards to end which never really becomes a curl. To add texture to this look, use a sea-salt spray like the Balmain Texturizing Sea Salt Spray as not only does it smell amazing, but will leave your hair looking voluminous and healthy.


Type 1C


Girls with this hair type will find that their hair is mostly straight with a few soft waves here and there. While this hair type can hold a curl or up-do, the strands are thicker and more prone to fizziness than 1A and 1B. We recommend using the Biosilk Original as it repairs and revitalizes hair while leaving it silky smooth and incredibly shiny.


Wavy hair and hair types

Being the happy medium between straight hair and wonderful curls, many of envious of wavy hair girls. Using the right products for this type is incredibly important as since it is a mix between straight and waves, it can become difficult to tame.


Type 2A
Classified as the classic bed head, girls with type 2A hair find that there are some bends in their strands. While many prefer to iron this hair type and keep it looking sleek, it looks wonderful as it is when using a frizz-protectant product and a curling iron to keep the bends looking good. We love using the CHI Luxury Curl Defining Cream to controls frizz while helping to tame, shape and define curls and waves into perfectly controlled styles.


Type 2B
This is the look that many beach-loving girls crave, messy, tousled and effortless, type 2B hair looks like a dream. Avoid touching your hair too much throughout the day to keep fizziness at by and be sure to use a hair oil like the CHI Royal Treatment Pearl Complex to lightly moisturize your hair (and skin) and keep your waves soft and supple.


Type 2C


Type 2C is made up of a beautiful mass of bouncy and soft curls, usually only achieved with some stealth tricks with a curling iron. While this hair type looks stunning, it can be prone to damage and breakage so be sure to do a super-intensive moisturizing masque at least once a week. We recommend the Balmain Repair Masque as it increases moisture in the hair while leaving you with super soft and luxurious locks.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for our post on curly and ethnic hair as well as our top picks on the best hair-care products for these hair types.