What's your hair type? Curly or Coily?

What's your hair type? Curly or Coily?

Keeping in line with yesterday's post all about straight and wavy hair, today we look at the different types of curly and ethnic hair and the best products suited for them. 


Curly hair and hair types

Curly-haired girls let their hair speak for themselves. Big, bold and irresistible, curls are something that everyone is after. The most important thing you can do for this hair type? Stay away from the hairdryer as heat on this type can cause more harm than good.


Type 3A
Being the largest in diameter with a mix of wavy pieces, the best way to style this type is to scrunch the curls and allow the hair to air dry. Use the CHI Keratin Styling Cream to hair that has been lightly dried with a t-shirt before scrunching and letting it air-dry. This product is a lightweight conditioning styling cream with a pliable hold that helps to control and eliminate frizz and fly-aways. It is enriched with keratin, which increases strength and elasticity in the hair.


Type 3B
Being a springy curl that ranges from ringlets to corkscrews, this curl is voluminous and has a circumference, similar to a blackboard marker. This hair type also tends to be textured and dense which means that it will greatly benefit from a nourishing hair masque. We recommend the CHI Argan Rejuvenating Masque as it deeply nourishes and repairs the hair with essential vitamins and antioxidants that replenish moisture, restores shine and smooths frizz. It also works to improve the hair’s overall luster and appearance.


Type 3C
Type 3C is the thickest and most prone to frizz. This hair type is very dense, tightly packed corkscrews and, while it tends to experience the most volume, it also experiences the most shrinkage of curls. To avoid super crunchy and frizzy curls, be sure to use a moisturising conditioner such as the Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Conditioner to luxuriously drench frizzy and moisture depleted hair.


Coily/kinky hair and hair types


This type of hair is the most textured and driest of all and, because of all its twists and turns, it is exceptionally difficult to get moisture to the scalp. While this hair also shrinks quite a bit, there is nothing quite as attention-grabbing than a beautifully styled afro!

Type 4A



This hair type is made up of a full head of mini curls. These dense, springy coils are very fine and have the circumference of a crochet needle. They have a visible S pattern and are tightly coiled.

Since this hair type looks good with a simple wash and blow (lucky you!), we recommend the Balmain Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner as the revitalizing formula includes a fine selection of vitamins E, F and P. The ultimate ingredients for shiny, healthy and lustrous locks.


Type 4B
When this style is wet, then noticeable Z and S shape curls and kinks can be spotted. With the circumference of a pen, your curls tend to be tighter and less defined while your strands can range from fine to textured. Use the CHI Deep Brilliance Deep Protein Masque to reconstructs dry, damaged hair while a protein-rich complex of natural essential oils, botanicals, herbs, and vitamins leaves hair softer, stronger, and manageable.


Type 4C


Similar to 4B, this densely packed hair suffers from a lot more shrinkage and much less definition. The strands, which are tightly coiled, range from super fine to coarse and is extremely delicate. We recommend using the Biosilk Organic Coconut Oil Leave-in Treatment as it specifically formulated to cleanse and nourish while also providing intense moisture to the hair and skin. This lightweight leave-in treatment offers superior moisture replenishment while fortifying weak strands. Helps to control frizz and flyaways while preventing split ends for smooth results with incredible shine.


Now that you know what your hair type is and the correct products to use, you might find yourself wondering what to do if your hair is colour treated or if you suffer from a sensitive scalp. If this is a concern, then stick to the products as mentioned in your hair type category and add some of the extras below!


Colour treated hair
Looking after colour treated hair is extremely important and, if you find yourself not taking care of it, then you could be left with very dry, damaged and brittle strands. The CHI Rosehip Recovery Treatment works wonderfully to repair the signs of damage in colour-treated hair while replenishing moisture. It strengthens by coating each strand with nurturing Vitamin C and antioxidants that help reduce dryness, breakage and restoring hair’s manageability.


Sensitive scalp


Suffering from a sensitive scalp is something that every woman in each category above can experience. We recommend using the CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to gently nourish and cleanse the scalp while cleaning it from excess sebum and product build-up.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different hair types. Let us know below what your hair type is!