Ultimate hacks for Wavy & Curly Hair

Ultimate hacks for Wavy & Curly Hair

Feeling a little uninspired and need to up your hair game? Here are the ultimate hair hacks for wavy and curly hair that you can rock this season. 


Get the basics

The key to keeping your hair looking great at all times is to use a shampoo that is specifically formulated to highlight the volume and bounce in your hair. While wavy and curly hair is prone to frizz, damage and dryness, using a product that restores moisture while adding volume is key to always ensuring that your waves and curls look great. We recommend the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo.


It gently cleanses hair of impurities with a rich luxurious lather formulated with Black Seed Oil. It also works to revitalize the hair for fuller, thicker hair strands while promoting volume and body. 




Keep it natural


Keen to keep your style looking natural without adding any heat? After washing, apply the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Curl Defining Cream-Gel which helps to keep your natural curl in place. This light-hold styling cream controls frizz while helping to tame, shape and define curls and waves into perfectly controlled styles.


Nourishing Black Seed Oil fortifies and revitalizes hair while providing added radiance and shine for the ultimate glamorous finish. We love that it helps to protect the hair from environmental stressors which means that it's the perfect product to use all year around. 



Use a leave-in-conditioner

If you don't plan on styling your hair but still want to minimize frizz and tangling, then using a leave-in-conditioner is extremely important. The BioSilk Miracle-17 Leave-in-Conditioner is our top pick as it will ensure that your hair is protected, nourished and feeling soft until your next wash. It works to condition and hydrate the hair while adding volume, body and bounce. Most importantly, using a leave-in product like this one will ensure that your hair stays frizz-free and nourished. 





Be gentle

After washing (or even going for a swim), make sure that you use an old t-shirt to dab your hair dry, Using a towel will not only break the hair but causes frizz, split-ends and tangles.


Fake the wave


If you have straight or slightly wavy hair and want to add some more texture to your hair, then simply tie wet hair up into a bun and allow it to air-dry. You can also section pieces of hair up into small buns and use bobby pins to secure them. When using a hair-tie, be sure to use one that won’t leave impressions in your hair. Once your hair is dry, gently remove pins or hair-tie and give your hair a spritz with a gentle but effective hair-spray like the Balmain Texturizing Volume Spray.


This versatile spray provides an instant root lift with a stronghold for ultimate volume. It gives long-lasting volume, definition and texture to the hair and is suitable for daily use. Only need curls for the next day? Gather all of your damp hair into a plait before bed and undo in the morning! 



Pump up the volume

Make a statement by upping up the volume on your naturally curly or wavy hair by using a backcomb on your roots and mid-section of your hair. This voluminous, untamed look works great for an outdoor event and is bound to leave heads turning. We recommend the CHI Luxury Backcomb to achieve this look. This multi-prong comb effortlessly teases hair for maximum volume and has a large rat tail that is ideal for detangling, parting and lifting the hair.




There you have it, the best and easiest hacks for wavy and curly hair!