Tips on how to handle hair loss and amp up your hair

Tips on how to handle hair loss and amp up your hair

The one thing that many have to deal with is hair loss and lack of volume. While this is part of the natural process of our hair cycle, when it seems like your hair is falling out more often than not, then there are some things you could do to ease up this process. Hair loss and a lack of volume can be caused by many different things

Slow down

Stress and not taking time out for yourself is a major contributor to hair loss. If you are worried about people noticing your thinning hair then chances are that you are probably the only person who is seeing it. Try to relax as often as you can and you will start noticing visible differences in not just your hair, but your body and skin as well.

Take a hair break

Often times, adding unnecessary pressure to your hair can cause your strands to weaken, break off, and simply stop growing. If you have been using styling tools more than usual, then try to give it a bit of a break. Let your hair air dry or dry it on the gentlest setting of your hairdryer. Switch out the towel and dry wet hair with an old t-shirt to minimize breakage.
Giving your hairbrush some time off and using a wide-tooth comb like the Balmain Golden Styling Comb will give your hair some much-needed rest and rejuvenation.


Play with your food

Packed full of proteins and essential minerals, egg yolk can help your hair grow back due to the fact that it contains biotin and B-complex vitamins. Massage egg yolks onto your scalp and wash out with shampoo to invigorate and promote new hairs to grow. Apples are another great hair growing secret since they contain essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper, and calcium which together, help decrease hair loss. They are also great at helping to restore and regenerate new cell turnover and are packed full of antioxidants that help prevent oil buildup. While this may sound even worse than rubbing egg yolk into your scalp, massaging the juice of 2 -3 onions onto your head before shampooing can remove build-up and bacteria that hinders hair growth. Onions are rich in chemical sulfur that helps to aid hair growth. Just make sure to wash it out well with shampoo and conditioner!

Make dry shampoo your friend

Heading out and need a faster solution? Grab a bottle of dry shampoo and add some life into your roots. Many times when hair is lacking volume, it means that there is a build-up of oil and sebum in the scalp and on the strands. If you don't quite have enough time to wash your hair, then add a spritz of dry shampoo to soak up excess oil and invigorate your roots. The CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Dry Shampoo is a waterless spray that revives limp hair. It contains antioxidants that help protect the hair from environmental stressors and smells great!