The trendiest braids and high ponies that you should be doing right now

The trendiest braids and high ponies that you should be doing right now

We’ve shown you the hottest looks with braids and ponies and now we’re showing you how to throw them all together to up your hair game. These super trendy looks are so polished and beautiful that we’re sure everyone will be rocking them.

Before doing any of these looks, make sure that you apply a hair masque to your hair at least 2 or 3 days before you want to experiment. It's also important that you do another hair masque after you take the style out so that your hair has time to breath, relax and repair itself.

For straight or wavy hair, we love the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Revitalizing Masque which works to deeply penetrate nutrients and moisture into dry, damaged overworked hair to restore shine, smoothness and overall hair condition. It is sulfate, paraben and cruelty free and protects against environmental damage.





For curly or ethnic hair, the CHI Argan and Moringa Rejuvenating Masque. This masque restores moisture to frizzy, damaged hair while smoothing strands and restoring shine. Hair is instantly softer, smoother and more radiant.



The pony

No matter your hair type, the humble pony looks incredible on everyone. Take it up a notch by adding some interesting details to your hair tie or the rest of your hair. An easy way to do this is to make a tight pony at the nape of your neck and wrap a ribbon around the base. Keep it to the colour of your hair to have a sleek, classy finish.

To amp up the drama, make sure that the hair hanging from the pony is straightened to give you a glossy finish. We recommend the CHI Luxury 1 Inch Flat Ironto achieve this look as its ceramic plates are infused with nourishing Black Seed Oil which promote long-lasting smoothness and shine.






Jewel it up

Take your look from drab to fab with a few simple tweaks to your pony or braid. The easiest way to make your hairstyle stand out is to use jewels, clips or even a few bracelets or necklaces that you have in your jewelry box. Use as many or as little as you want and either wrap them around the base of your pony or clip it at your crown and secure it to your pony with a few clips.




Once your hair is styled, add a few mists of the CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine to add gloss and shimmer to your hair. This lightweight shine spray has a luxurious fine mist that helps to add depth and dimension to your hair colour.



Amp up the ends





If you have curly hair, thick or ethnic hair, then this style will work great on your hair type. Simply get a few pearls or beads in various sizes, making sure that the inner holes are wide enough for a bit of your hair to go through. Add as many beads and pearls to the ends of your hair as you can and secure with small rubber bands in the same colour as your hair.




Add a tease
Remember the old days where everyone was teasing the hair on their crown? Why not take it up a notch and tease other parts of your hair to create an interesting but trendy look. Start by spraying your hair with the Balmain Texturising Volume Spray to give your hair an instant lift that will last all day. It works to add long-lasting volume, definition and texture to the hair within minutes and is suitable for daily use.





Have a look below at some of our other favourite looks to do with braids and ponytails and let us know below what your favourite looks are!