The products you need to pack on your weekend away

The products you need to pack on your weekend away

With the long Easter weekend fast approaching, we decided to put together a post to help you streamline your suitcase. Whether you’re going to the beach, bush or spending time in the city, we’ve got you covered.

The beach

While salt, sand and sun may be the ultimate holiday mantra, combined, these three can leave your hair is worse shape than usual. Before going to the beach, make sure that you mist your hair with a sun protection spray like the Balmain Sun Protection Spray. This product contains protective UVA and UVB filters to help nourish and condition your hair. It also helps against your color fading and protects your hair from any keratin damage.  

If you are spending time lazing along with the pool and decide to take a dip, then be sure to first run your hair under cool and clean water so that your hair can absorb as much as possible. This way, your hair won’t absorb too much chlorine infused water which can leave your hair dry and brittle.

 A weekend away filled with lazy lunches, shopping, and seeing some shows? Then the only tool you need to carry is the multipurpose CHI Luxury 3 in 1 Styling Iron. Whether you want curls, waves, or pin-straight hair, this is the iron for you. The 1-inch plates are infused with nourishing black seed oil which gives your hair incredible shine. It also has a dual voltage which makes it perfect for international travel and comes with a thermal glove which makes styling a breeze.


If you don't have time to wash your hair on your weekend away, then be sure to keep a bottle of the super luxurious CHI Black Seed Oil Dry Shampoo to amp up your locks and refresh your look. This product soaks up any oil or grease and revives limp and lifeless hair in a flash.


Spending your days searching for the best hiking spot, taking walks outside or snoozing in the sun? Then your first order of business is to make sure your hair and scalp are always protected. Invest in a good quality sun hat or cap to minimize the amount of heat that hits your head. While this might make you feel sweaty, you can easily refresh your scalp after a long day with the CHI Tea Tree Oil Soothing Scalp Spray.
We love how this instantly refreshes and calms the scalp and helps to relieve itching and irritation which comes along when spending time outdoors


After your weekend away, treat your hair to a nourishing masque like the BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Deep Moisture Masque since it helps to relieve dry and damaged hair by drenching your hair in the rich, luxurious and moisturizing effects of Maracuja Oil and Silk. This masque is exactly what your hair needs after some time in the sun as it helps to reconstruct damaged hair while reinforcing the hair’s strength.