New Hair trends - How to style your straight and wavy hair with hair clips

New Hair trends - How to style your straight and wavy hair with hair clips

Amp up your hairstyle with the hottest hair trends this season. For the next month, we will be sharing some of the trendiest looks for every hair type, from straight to ethnic and everything in-between. This week, we’re sharing the best looks you can create with snap clips and hair-pins for straight and wavy hair. Used as the easiest tool to keep hair out of your face, now’s the time to grab all of your pins and start playing! While this trend blew up due to the pricy, diamond-studded hair clips on the run-way, you can recreate the look at home without having to spend a cent!


Because straight and wavy hair is a lot more slippery than other hair types, it is important to make sure that your hair is prepped and ready before trying all of these looks.


Add volume

Add much-needed volume to your hair by using a cleverly formulated duo like that CHI Royal Treatment Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are infused with truffle and pearl extract to gently cleanse the hair while adding beautiful and bouncy volume. The bend of luxurious ingredients works together to remove impurities and build-up while cleansing and moisturising each strand. Plus, they’re paraben, sulfate and cruelty-free!

Once you have added volume to your hair, you can pretty much do most of the styles you want.





The high pony
Keep your hair slicked back and out of your face by creating a dramatic high pony that looks stylish and striking. Gather your hair together and tie it up with a strong hair-tie and the height you prefer. Now, and an array of hairpins and snap or slide them in place under the pony.
If your hair still feels slippery and you have a few pieces sticking out, then first add a quick spray of the Balmain Session Spray Medium Hold to the underside of your pony before adding the clips. This will not only prevent flyaways but ensure the longevity of the style by keeping everything intact.



Edit your pony
If you’re not too keen on a high pony but still want to add some drama with clips, then try a half pony or an ‘almost bun’.
You can achieve this simple look by making your hair into a pony and then, before doing the last knot, only let your hair go through the hair-tie half-way, making a mock-bun but still keeping your hair out of your face.
Because you might not be able to add clips to the underside of the pony, here’s your chance to make the top of your head sparkle. Add as many clips, snap clips and pins as you want and don't be afraid to play around with colours and textures!


Add some shine
While you will already be adding lots of sparkle to your hair with these hair clips, there’s no reason why you need to stop there. Add a healthy glow to your hair with the CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray. This lightweight shine spray has a luxurious fine mist that adds incredible shine and gloss to dull hair. Use it as a finishing touch to styles, helping to add depth and dimension to colour while eliminating frizz. I
t also has UV protectants which shield the hair from UV damage and colour loss. We love using this spray when doing the next look!



Let it loose
Let your hair hang loose with this easily achievable style that looks great on wavy hair. If your hair is super straight or fine, then you will need to first add texture with the Balmain Texturising Salt Spray to ensure that the clips slide in easily and don’t slip out of the hair.


Now that your hair is texturized, gently brush it so that it hangs straight before taking a handful of pins and clips to make a cross pattern in the nape of the neck. If you plan on doing this look outside, then make sure that it is not too hot (sweaty hair in the neck) or too windy as the look might not last as long as you like.



The side path

Blow up the drama on your side path by adding as many clips to the front of your head as you can. We love that this look can be done for an event, a festival or even for something more casual (like a shopping trip or brunch!).


Start by smoothing the front of your hair and making your side path. If you want to make it more dramatic, then extend your side path 5 - 10cm closer to your ear. Use a top-quality hair serum to soften the hair and allow it lay flat against your scalp.
We love the CHI Royal Treatment Pearl Complex as it is a superior, lightweight, leave-in treatment formulated with a luxurious and exquisite blend of ingredients. Developed for all hair types, it replenishes, strengthens, and nourishes hair while helping to repair split ends without added buildup or weight.


Now that your hair is smooth and ready, add pins and clips, starting from the top of your head and working your way down. Once you’re done, give your head a light mist with a hair-spray and go out and flaunt your look!


If you recreate any of these looks at home, then be sure to share them with us on Instagram!