How to look after your hair and scalp when wearing braids

How to look after your hair and scalp when wearing braids

If you wear braids often then you should be all too familiar with the struggle of a dry scalp, the difficulty of cleansing your scalp without spoiling your style and, the important question of how long you can leave your braids in. In this post, we will be offering some advice on everything you need to know regarding maintaining a healthy scalp and how to care for your hair.  Being the popular choice for a somewhat low-maintenance style, box braids are the go-to look for many women who want to give their hair some time to retain its length.

How long should I keep them in?

While there is no straightforward answer to this (it varies from person to person), keeping in your braids for longer than 2 months is the ultimate no-no! If your hair is fine, then you might find that you can only keep the style in for about a month before you feel the tension and see breakage. Textured hair, however, can go up to 2 months. While many of us may be guilty of leaving our braids in for longer, surpassing 2 months will not only cause major damage to your natural hair but can leave your scalp with a big, itchy problem.

Keep it sleek

If you are noticing some hair growth, take a clean mascara wand or a clean toothbrush, mist it with hairspray such as the Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hair Spray and gently brush the hairs down. This not only gives the impression of fresh braids but keeps you looking sleek and polished while getting rid of any flyaways. This product is great as is a fast-drying, weightless formula with white truffle and pearl, providing dual function for your styling and finishing needs. 


Sleep on silk

Not just important for natural hair, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will keep your braids smooth and frizz-free. We love sleeping on silk as cotton pillowcases can cause your braids to frizz up faster and sometimes, even lose its style and
luster. This silk pillowcase is made with 100% Mulberry silk and is great at preventing knots and breakage.


Add some shine

If you think that your braids are starting to look a little dull but you’re not ready to change them just yet, then investing in a good quality shine spray is the answer. We love the CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine as it instantly makes your hair look polished and shiny without adding extra weight and oils. It also adds a subtle shine and reflection to your style while protecting your natural hair from environmental stressors.

When do I take them out?

There are quite a few ways to know when it’s time to remove your braids, the most common of these signs is when you start to see your natural hair growth separating your braids from your scalp. Not only will this make you look unprofessional, but the new hair could become twisted and damaged while intertwining with your braids. Product and dirt buildup is another major sign that many tend to ignore. Buildup happens when all of the product applied to your scalp gets etched into your braids, causing fluff, dirt, and excess product which can cause major strain on your scalp and new hair growth.

And our top tip? After removing your braids, make sure that you give your hair and scalp at least a month of relaxation before doing more braids. In this time, take care of your scalp and hair by using rich moisture masques and soothing scalp sprays.