Haircare and hair prep in Autumn

Haircare and hair prep in Autumn

Golden hues and chilly skies, autumn is the time when the weather cools down while the wind picks up. If your hair survived Summer (and it should, providing you follow our summer hair care tips), then good on you! But if not, then don't fret as we’ve got you covered. Now that the season has changed, it’s time to do some much-needed maintenance to ensure that your hair stays strong, soft and healthy in the cold.


Change your shampoo

Just as you change your moisturizer or skin-care regime, a change in season is also the perfect time to switch to a different hair-care regime. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will add moisture to your hair since it might start to get dry and frizzy in the cold.


The BioSilk Hydrating Therapy range is a great place to start as it drenches dry hair with the rich and luxurious help of Maracuja oil and silk. The shampoo helps to prevent and treat a dry scalp while strengthening and moisturizing the hair due to the addition of quinoa and silk. The conditioner too, helps to soften and smooth the hair, preventing the need for your hair to absorb humidity from the air and frizz up.




Get a trim

Being synonymous with dry and frizzy hair, summer is perhaps the season where our hair goes through the most. While we may cut down on the heat styling, UV rays and harsh heat from the sun causes a lot more damage than good, often resulting in damaged strands and split ends. Getting a quick trim from your stylist will be the number one thing you can do to ensure that you go into Autumn with healthy, split free hair.


Don't skimp on the masque
It should come as no surprise that us here at GlamIt love our masques. No matter the season, a good quality masque is essential for hair health and can help you go from ‘drab to fab’ in as little an hour.
We recommend the Balmain Revitalising Masque as it instantly repairs damaged hair while injecting the hair with any nutrition and moisture that has been lost. It repairs, replenishes and protects dry and damaged hair while strengthening and repairing each strand from the inside.



Always protect
Now that it is getting colder, you may feel it more necessary than usual to blow-dry your hair. Before making use of any heat styling, always remember to apply a good quality heat protecting spray like the BioSilk Silk Therapy Thermal Shield.
Not only is this wonder product cost-effective, but it is made up of an advanced formula that contains silk and other protecting ingredients to help shield your hair from the stressors that come with heat styling. Apply it before you use a blowdryer or straightening iron.




Limit the heat
If you are going to be using heat more often than not, then make sure that you limit the styling time by as much as you possibly can. While normal dryers may take longer to dry your hair, the efficient CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer gets the job done in much less time due to its 1875 motor that gives powerful airflow and heat while being as quiet as possible.
It comes with a comb attachment ideal for textured hair and has a cool-shot button that helps to smooth the cuticle and lock out the frizz.