Everything you need to know about brushing your hai

Everything you need to know about brushing your hai

Brushing our hair is something that we all do without giving it much thought. Besides detangling our hair, you might be surprised to know that there are quite a few amazing hair-care benefits from brushing your hair every day. And yes, there is a technique to it as well!

While it might seem like the easiest way to up your hair-care game, all the benefits only come from using the correct tools. Many commercial hair brushes can end up doing more damage than good and can tug at and break your hair strands with every stroke. Using a commercial and cheaper quality brush can also cause cuticle damage and increase the frizz in your hair.

Boar Bristles are best

Brushing your hair is similar to using dry shampoo as you are moving the oils away from your scalp and moving them towards the ends. Using a brush with boar bristles helps to remove impurities that can build up and become encrusted on your scalp. The extra-long nylon pins in the Nylon and Boar Bristle Paddle brush (R465.00) detangles, smoothes and adds shine to your hair. We love it because it is ideal for all hair lengths and textures and reduces frizz while stimulating the scalp.


Did you know that using a boar hair brush also helps to minimize hair loss? This is because it stimulates capillaries and increases blood circulation in the scalp while transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair. 


Stimulate your scalp

Did you know that brushing not only cleans your hair but conditions it too? The scalp stimulation you get from a hairbrush helps to distribute your hair’s natural oils and sebum evenly through your strands. This not only helps your locks but keeps them strong, shiny and resilient to breakage. We love our CHI Metal Pin Paddle Brush as it has a light-weight ergonomic design with a slim handle for comfort. It easily detangles both natural hair and extensions and has durable metal bristles for brush longevity. Plus, the metal pins give your head an extra scalp massage when used.


Get it right with a round brush

Using a round brush is perhaps the best brush you could use for styling and is a valuable component in achieving the perfect blowout. The Balmain Black Ceramic Large Round Brush has a ceramic coating that emits negative ions, closes hair cuticles, locks in moisture, and reduces frizz and flyaway hair. This ceramic coating also ensures fast and even heat distribution to enhance drying time. With an ergonomic, seamless handle and large round holes to maximize airflow, the 53mm diameter is ideal for use on long and extra-long hair or to create lots of volume in mid-length styles.
The bigger barrel brush just a little too daunting for you? We also have a smaller one which you can shop here.