Easy heatless hairstyles to recreate at home

Easy heatless hairstyles to recreate at home

Spending too much time with the heat styling tools? Pack away that dryer and iron, here a few fabulous looks you can do at home that don't require any heat.


High ponytail
Sleek, glamorous and super versatile, the high pony is a look that suits just about everyone. Simply smooth a few drops of the CHI Luxury Black Seed oil through your hair to add some moisture, smooth your strands and prevent any flyaways. This is also a great oil to use to make your hair super shiny, soft and strong.


After gently applying the oil, brush your hair back with a comb like the Balmain Golden Styling Comb. This not only helps to distribute the product on your hair, but helps you achieve that sleek, pulled back look with ease. After gathering all of your hair to the height you want it, tightly secure it with a hairband. You might find that you need to add a few bobby-pins underneath your tie to make sure that flyways and smaller hairs do not peak out.



Easy curls

This is a great look to do when you’re feeling lazy and it’s been about 2 -3 days since you washed your hair. While curls may sound a little hard to create, this look will take you just a few minutes and all you need is some water, a few bobby pins and a hair-spray.


First, separate your hair into a few pieces before wetting a section at a time.  Remember that the less hair you have in each section, the tighter and smaller the curl will be. After wetting the section of hair, curl it around your finger, starting at the bottom till you reach your scalp. Once you get to your scalp, take a bobby pin and pin the curl to your head. Allow all of your hair to dry completely before removing the pins and spraying your hair with the CHI Luxury Flexible Hold Hairspray. And you’re done!




Easy beachy waves
Perhaps the easiest look to recreate, this easy beach waves look great on hair that lacks volume and texture. Simply tousling your hair in your hands a few times before spraying a sea-salt spray like the Balmain Texturising Salt Spray all over your hair. Be sure to tousle and scrunch hair while spraying to create some extra texture!



Add an accessory
While the half-up, half-down look might be timeless, there’s no reason why you can't oomph up the look by adding a beautifully luxurious and minimal hair-accessory. We love the Balmain Leather Barrette which not only completes your look but will add an understated glamour to the simplest of outfits.



Effortless, glamorous and so simple - now there is no reason for you to only rely on your hair-iron!