4 Ways to repair damaged hair

4 Ways to repair damaged hair

Heat, chemicals, over styling and external environmental factors are just a few of the major things which affect our hair. Unless you’re really strict about maintaining a hair care routine (regular cuts, shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair, proper serums and high-quality masques), then there must have been some time or the other when your hair felt more dry than nourished.
We’ve put together a quick 4 step guide on how you can reverse the damage and make sure that it never happens again.
Get a trim

Split ends, which is fraying or splitting of the hair shaft is mainly caused due to external environmental, physical and mechanical factors. While these are the main causes, one's diet, vitamins, minerals and even hormone levels can affect it.  Be sure to go for a regular trim to help tame the problem and make the effort to properly detangle wet hair without causing any breakage. We would also recommend staying away from harsh chemical treatments and excessive use of styling products, gels and hair colour.

Take a break from the heat

Perhaps one of the most important tips to repair damaged hair is to ease up on the heat. If you find that you simply have to use heat in your hair, then make sure that you’re using high-quality tools with different heat settings. We recommend the CHI Lava 1 Volcanic Ceramic Iron as it has an option to adjust the temperature which comes in handy when you want to help repair overworked hair.

While we're at it, always make sure that you are using a protective serum on your locks before and after using any kind of heat. This will not only add some shine to your hair but also protect against further damage and breakage.

 Remember that thin and fine hair should get the lowest possible heat setting and that the average time to hold a curl is between 5 - 10 seconds. We love starting with the lowest setting and gradually increasing the temperature if need be.

Watch how you brush

Something we do every single day yet don't pay much attention to is the way we brush our hair. While many of us mindlessly brush from roots to tip, the best way to brush your locks is to start from the bottom and gradually work your way up. When brushing the roots first, you will create much more knots and tangles which can either rip your hair out of the follicle of cause massive breakage. Brushing wet hair is also another no-no! Towel drying and brushing wet hair increases the chance of breakage, knots and tangles so be sure to switch out your towel for a soft material (a cotton t-shirt works wonders). We also recommend the Balmain Golden Tail Comb to comb your hair after you condition and before drying.

This ensures that you not only easily detangle wet hair but that you’re able to section the hair perfectly without causing any damage.

Let it loose

Find yourself constantly tying up your hair? Excessive use of hair ties, clips and other styling tools might look good, but causes havoc on your hair. If you need to have your hair tied up for work, then make sure that you treat it at least once a week with a nourishing and protecting hair masque. 

Ideally, let your hair hang loose as much as you can and give it a break from the stress that comes along with hair ties. If you simply must have some of your hair up and out of your face, then its worthwhile to invest in one of these fashionable Balmain leather hair barrettes.