How to strengthen hair that is prone to breaking

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How to strengthen hair that is prone to breaking

Often times, we might find that our hair seems to be breaking easily and feeling dry and brittle without being able out figure out why. While lifestyle changes might seem to be the obvious reason, something as small as an environmental change can also impact the way your hair looks and feels. Read more below for common causes of hair breakage and some tips on how to fix them.


Being gentle with wet hair

Hair is most vulnerable when wet and they way you handle your wet hair has a big impact on the way it feels, looks and grows. The worst things you could do are drying your hair with a towel and using heat on it when it is still wet. After rinsing your hair thoroughly under cool water, gently press out excess water with your hands. Resist the urge to wrap your head in a towel and instead. Gently pat it dry and then wrap it up in an old, soft shirt. Once your hair is half way dry and feeling more damp than wet, comb or brush it out gently, apply a heat protecting spray like the Balmain Thermal Protection Spray and dry it with a hairdryer. This not only ensures that you stands have enough time to get back to their normal size, but that the risks of tearing and snagging caused by a towel is drastically diminished.



Change the way you sleep
Omit the cotton and invest in a silk pillowcase to wake up with knot free and soft hair. Cotton creates friction between the fabric and hair and causes hair snag in the fabric, causing breakage and even split ends. What's more, sleeping on silk not only improves your hair quality but is good for your skin as well since you will wake up with little to no creases and imprints. Invest in a luxurious silk pillowcase like the BalmainSilk Pillowcase. It is made out of 100% Mulberry silk which regulate the production of sebum and reduce the likelihood of oily hair.



Wash with care

Washing your hair more often than it needs can cause more harm than good. While how often you wash your hair is ultimately up to you, we’ve put together this post which shows how often each hair type needs to be washed. It’s also important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for your hair type. While it might not seem like a major deal to pick up the closest shampoo on the shelf, using something that is not suited to your hair or scalp can cause more harm than good.

If your hair is curly, then be sure to go for the CHI Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner to help strengthen and seal your cuticles. Coily hair? Pick up the CHI Deep Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner as it hydrates while leaves the hair soft and shiny. If you have straight hair, then the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is for you as it will promote thicker and fuller strands. Wavy haired girls should go for the CHI Royal Treatment Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner as it adds moisture and protects dry and damaged hair.



Adding a rich moisture intensive masque 1- 2 times a week is a great way to fix dry and damaged hair. The CHI Black Seed Oil Revitalising Masque deeply penetrates moisture and nutrients to your hair to restore shine and fix the hair condition. If you looking for a masque specific to your hair type, then read our post here and find out which masque you need!





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