How to layer your hair care products

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How to layer your hair care products

Just like a skin-care regime, a regime for our hair-care is just as important. It comes as no surprise however, that many may feel overwhelmed when thinking about the kinds of products you really need and the correct way to use them. By using the correct products specified for your hair type in the order that they meant, means that you will not only see a dramatic increase in your hairs health, but you may find that your style lasts a lot longer. Find out more below on the correct order in which to apply your products and our top picks of each.


Step 1

Assuming that we’re starting at the very beginning and not just jumping into styling products, the very first thing you should be doing is applying a nourishing masque.This preps your hair by sealing cuticles, adding softness and smoothing your mane. Leave your masque on for about 30 minutes before gently washing off. Naturally, you wouldn’t be doing this every single day but, for the days when you do have some time on your hands, this would be the best way to start your hair-care regime! Read more about our favorite masques here and find the one suited to your hair type.


Step 2

Shampooing and conditioning your hair correctly is the most important step in your regime. Do it incorrectly and you run the risk of making your oily and increasing both product and sebum buildup. If you find that your hair gets oily very quickly, then it’s worth trying out the ‘reverse hair washing system’ where you condition first and then wash out the residual product with your shampoo. This method works with any shampoo and conditioner as long as you rinse your hair out completely.


Step 3
After carefully drying your hair (we recommend using a soft t-shirt) spritz a light mist of a good detangling spray from the mid lengths to the ends of your hair. If your hair is not too tangled, then apply a leave-in-conditioner such as the CHI Black Seed Oil Leave in Conditioner which provides great protection from styling. It replenishes moisture while fortifying the hair strands and adds incredible shine!


Step 4

After you get as much moisture out of your hair as possible, it is worth it to apply a serum suited to your hair type. To find out more on our favorite serums, read our post here. A serum is one of the most important steps in any hair-care regime as it nourishes, protects and adds moisture back into your hair. It also makes hair easier to style and is designed to make your hair shinier stronger and radiant.

Step 5
Before drying, be sure to spritz on a heat protecting spray. This is important as, since you are applying quite a few different products, you need to be careful not to burn your hair during styling. Heat styling tools can reach up to 220°C/428°F and can cause massive damage to unprotected hair. We love using the Balmain Thermal Protection Spray as it reduces breakage in natural and colour treated hair. It is enriched with a blend of  Pro-vitamin B5 and Silk Protein to condition, repair and strengthen the hair. The detangling and hair cuticles smoothening benefits ensure that styling tools glide through the hair more easily, resulting in soft hair with a luminous shine. 


Step 6
After drying your hair and styling it with the heat tool of your choice, it's time to set the style with a setting spray. Our personal favorite is the CHI Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hairspray as it offers beautiful volume and a powerful stay. It contains white truffle and pearl and dries as soon as you apply it which makes it a wonderful product to have.



Let us know in the comments below if this method works for you!


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