Say hello to CHI LAVA - never before seen in South Africa

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Say hello to CHI LAVA - never before seen in South Africa

If you’re looking for a hairstyling iron that produces smooth and sleek results without causing damage to your hair, then the CHI LAVA Ceramic Iron is the one for you. The iron is made up of groundbreaking technology that has never before been seen in South Africa and is infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks. The CHI LAVA Ceramic Iron provides gentle and consistent heat during styling while producing less damage to the hair and offers smooth, easy to achieve, shiny results.

It is made up of three main components, Volcanic Ceramic, CHI Ceramic and Volcanic LAVA which together, give this iron the incredible capabilities it has.


How does it work?

Volcanic Ceramic - The power of CHI Ceramic infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks provides gentle consistent heat during styling. This combination allows styling at lower than normal temperatures producing less damage to the hair while offering smooth, shiny results.

CHI Ceramic - Creates smooth looks by locking in moisture while leaving hair frizz-free with reflective shine. Offers consistent heated plates producing smooth results on all hair types.

Volcanic Lava - Volcanic lava powders derived from lava rocks offer extreme durability while acting as a great heat conductor. Produces ions to breakdown water molecules while sealing the hair cuticle for smooth results with reflective shine.

Because it is made up of a combination of ceramics and volcanic powder, it is able to create sleek looks on all hair textures and, unlike a traditional iron, uses a much lower heat setting. While Volcanic lava powders offer extreme durability, the minerals help strengthen the hair and ions infuse hair with hydration and shine

This one inch plated iron reaches a maximum temperature of up to 450°F/232°C, has a quick heat-up and, with its increased durability, lightweight design and extended plates, achieving salon quality styles is easier than ever.

  • 1” Volcanic ceramic plates
  • Digital and adjustable temperature display
  • Maximum temperature of up to 450°F/232°C
  • Quick heat up
  • 11 ft. cord
  • Dual voltage

Payment Options

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