How to style your hair and beard

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How to style your hair and beard

Maintaining your beard is just as important as maintaining your hair style and can be achieved with regular trims, washing, combing and styling. While it might seem simple enough to look after, giving it the same care you do your hair will take you from shabby to groomed in no time!  Read more below for our top beard and hair care tips to help you step up your grooming game. 


Beard Care
Give it a comb

Just giving your beard a regular brush everyday with a proper comb can make you look groomed in an instant. Combing and brushing helps to soften the facial hair, adds volume and acts as a natural treatment to distribute the natural oils in your hair. It’s also the biggest fix for taming an unruly beard in seconds.

How to comb 

It might seem really simple to comb your beard, it’s important to remember that the hair on your head and the hair in your beard are not nearly the same. If you are new to using a comb, then start off slowly as to avoid breakage, tangles and damage. Start by holding your beard comb upwards and keep it in a relaxed but controlled grip - similar to holding a toothbrush. We recommend the Esquire Beard Comb as it is not only durable and lightweight, but fits into your palm - giving you ultimate control when styling.

Gently comb out your beard in an upward motion and gently fluff it away from your face. Your goal here is to separate the hairs and add some volume - it is particularly important to do this in the morning to avoid the ‘bed-beard’ look. After you’ve successfully combed out your beard, comb it back down into your desired shape and style. While you might find yourself running into some snags while combing, don’t fret! They are simply the cause of hairs growing in various different directions.
Trim it often

Giving your beard a regular trim helps prevent and get rid of any split ends. This is important to keep your look fresh, healthy and looking good. It is also important to use good quality scissors which are not only sharp, but are specifically designed for your beard. Using a scissor that is not sharp enough can not only tug on your hairs, but cause massive breakage and split-ends, instantly removing the hard work you put into growing a beard. Make sure to use your comb when trimming and, if you don't feel confident enough to do it by yourself, then it’s worth going to a barber for a regular trim.


Add some oil
Beard oil is an essential part of making sure that your beard is looking neat and healthy. While it is very important to wash your beard often, over-washing, can cause dryness and irritation. The fastest way to prevent this is to incorporate a good quality beard oil into your skin-care regime. We love the Esquire Grooming Beard Oil which contains a blend of Jojoba, Argan, Almond, and Moringa oils that moisturizes the skin, while helping to soften and tame your beard hair. It also contains Oud which will leave you with a warm and masculine scent that lasts.


Hair Care


Add some style
Quite often, using the wrong product on your hair can leave you with dandruff and breakage. The Esquire Pomade is a brilliant light hold product that helps to create a sleek and polished look with medium shine. We love that it is water soluble and washes out easily. It is paraben and sulphate free and formulated with the signature Oud Fragrance popular with many men. 
If your hair is more difficult to style and if your looking to add natural looking shine and volume to your that will last all day, then we recommend The Defining Paste from Esquire. Simply rub the desired amount onto your palms before evenly working through damp or dry hair. Be sure to dry and shape your hair first to avoid making it feel too crunchy. This product is also formulated with Oud fragrance and is paraben and cruelty free.



Comb carefully

Brushing your hair well is one of the most important things you can do for your hair. This helps to invigorate the scalp which increases blood flow and assists with hair growth. The Esquire Classic Straight Comb is our personal favorite as it is suitable for all hair types and ideal for everyday use. It is lightweight, durable and injects effortless class into your hair care regime.






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